About Keith Hamlyn

kefIt’s simple – we just want to enjoy life right? I know I do, and that’s the philosophy I’ve followed throughout my personal and working life.

 We all get our fare share of challenges along our individual journeys, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have my decent quota. I say fortunate because it has been through those times that I have come to the conclusion: happiness is a choice and something that can be attained when immersing yourself in that which brings purpose and meaning.

 That which is meaningful for me, is the opportunity to work with so many people. Whether it is sharing in some of their most memorable experiences or creating new memories, my imagery aims to capture those moments.

 Presently my life is balanced between photographing weddings, ocean portraits, my studio ‘The Studio 4567’, a gallery space for my landscape photography on the banks of the Noosa River, and occasionally guiding tours to Fraser island. It’s a busy life, but one that is fun and full of enjoyment. 

 So how do all these activities work in harmony with each other? I presently limit my weddings to 20 per year, my water portraits are always shot in the final light of the day after 5pm, and my studio has the assistance of some amazing staff.

 However it pans out that I might come to take your photos, I have no doubt in my mind that we will capture the moments you wish to treasure.


Keith Hamlyn”