Dougie (James) and Sam – Yandina Station , Sunshine Coast, Qld

Posted on: January 25th, 2017 by Keith Hamlyn

I love to laugh, but I must be honest I’m picky when it comes to letting a good belly laugh go. I wish it wasn’t the case, but for me some people have got the gift. One of those characters is Dougie or as i only found out 10 years after meeting him, and when I’m about to shoot his wedding, James!!  James aka Dougie has got it, you can’t help but start to giggle when your in his company, and I could see that this same joy reflected in his relationship with his so beautifully sincere bride Sam. You always want the best for your mates and observing the smiles that they both generated for one another was a real joy to watch.
Sam I’m so happy that a woman as wonderful as you is by Dougie’s side, and i’m calmed knowing that a man of his character is beside you at this time. I know that right now is hard time for your families to process with health being a pressing concern amongst them. I hope the below images can be a positive way to reflect on loved ones. My sincerest love and thoughts are with you both.
ELE Keith

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