Rory and Kati – Obi Obi Hall, Sunshine Coast, Qld

Posted on: November 2nd, 2016 by Keith Hamlyn

It was a genuine honour when Kati and Rory asked me to shoot their wedding. Being fellow creatives, who’s work I love, it felt like that little tip of the hat that makes you feel like your on the right path. Then they tell me ‘we hadn’t even seen any of your weddings, before deciding to ask you’. Ahahahaha how quick i deflated, but i’m still choosing to see that in a positive light!
Rory and Kati’s day took us away from our home town of Noosa and into the hills of Kenilworth and the rustic charms of Obi Obi Hall. The setting was clean, simple and very down to earth, reflecting both their artistic leanings and their genuine personalities. Their day was very much about the people who surrounded them and that showed all the way up to the last dance!
Guys I love you both. Hopefully this will let the memories flood back.

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