Ryan and Maddi – Pomona, Queensland, Australia

Posted on: September 28th, 2017 by Keith Hamlyn

Finding your perfect wedding location can be quite a stress. It’s not like we don’t have multiple amazing landscapes on the Sunshine Coast, let alone Queensland and hey while we are at it Australia! Because you know where the couple chooses the party follows. I know for Maddi and Ryan they weren’t 100% sure where their day would be held till very late in the peace, and when i went to visit them at their home/wedding venue in Pomona I was pretty surprised the final choice wasn’t the obvious first and only!

Most people know Pomona for the annual King of the Mountain, mind you their was no climbing this day. Some groomsmen were struggling just with the flat ground, but that did translate into some sweet dance moves later in the night!!) I wish more weddings were in peoples backyards, it allows for something that can’t be repeated and a day that is deeply personal for the couple and family. Ryan and Maddi will have a constant reminder off this amazing day every time they wake. For the rest of us, there are some photos below.

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